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TOšKAN BORUT - SOBODAJALEC Dekani 53 6271 Dekani, SLOVENIA GSM Irena: +386 31 510 825 GSM Borut: +386 51 341 567 e-mail: info@thehugofnature.com GPS coordinates: N 45° 32' 23,709" E 13° 49' 22,614"
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Picnic Area
As a guest in our apartments you are also welcome to use our picnic area. The area is partly covered … Read more 
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Our Animals
We are animal lovers and it shows on every step of the way. Kids are the ones that are especially fond of ... Read more 
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Interesting Facts
Buying home-made wine and olive oil Events Hikes Climbing wall OSP Strunjan ... Read more
Interesting Facts
BUYING HOME-MADE WINE and OLIVE OIL A mere 500m from our apartments you can visit the Bordon farm and buy their incredible Malvazija, Refošk or other sort wines that have achieved outstanding results on several competitions - http://www.vinabordon.si/ Here you can also buy their great home-made ecologic olive oil that is made from the olive tree plantations nearby.
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Pri An�ki - slovenska zastava Pri An�ki - angle�ka zastava Pri An�ki - nem�ka zastava Pri An�ki - italijanska zastava
EVENTS    Every year, there is a traditional celebration in the Dekani village which lasts for 3 days. A large number of people, both locals and other visitors gather, who enjoy the cultural, sport, music and entertainment programme up until the early morning hours.
HIKES Hikers will not be left disappointed when visiting us, as they can choose from multiple hiking spots. Along with the area around the apartments, we would also recommend a shorter relaxed hike from the centre of Dekani following a CIRCLE PATH to TInjan and back to Dekani. The Board with the plan is situated in the centre of Dekani next to the Post Office. The path is 7,8km long and will take approximately 2,5 hours. Seen on the right is the image of the circle Dekani-Tinjan-Dekani path.
OSP The challenging climbing wall that attracts climbers across Europe is only 9km away from our property and will take approximately a 12-minute drive.
STRUNJAN The Moon bay (Natural Park and beach area)